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Tech 3 Expansion - What ship classes do you want to see Shield version: +3 Mid slots, +1 Low slot Armor version: +2 Mid slots, +2 Low slots Defensive subsystem: Supplemental Screening - Gives total +50% shield/armor hitpoint boost, same again for overheating shield hardeners. The New Incursus and Merlin > The New Rifter? | EVE PRO Guides

The app offers a variety of casino games from free slots to island poker free download video poker to blackjack and more.Casino hotels and other gaming information regarding up-to-date gaming eve low slot warp speed news, Texas hold'emtourneys, slots info, parimutuel (dog tracks), to name a few topics. Shield Boost Amplifier - EVEWiki A mid slot device. This module will add 30-45% more oomph to a Shield Booster, in exchange for 50 CPU.. The idea here is to increase the capacitor efficiency of a Shield Booster. It doesn't increase the speed of repair by as much as simply adding a second Shield Booster, but you get more Shield HP per capacitor, thus increasing your virtual HP, as well as not increasing capacitor drain. Ship CPU Guide - EVE Online Guide - Thonky.com It will boost your CPU output by 5% for each level of Electronics that you train. Fit a co-processor to your ship to boost CPU output. You can also add co-processors to your ship to increase CPU output. There are a number of different co-processors available in the market. For example, Co-Processor II boosts CPU output by 10%. EVE Search - [WTB] - Lo-slot F-90 sensor booster Medium slot is activated sensor booster, something like 60% boost. LOW slot is non-activation sensor booster, very bad at it, something like 5% boost or so....Can't check it out right now (server down) but 2-3 dropped on me and are really poor... Your Heavy Neutron Blaster II perfectly strikes Serpentis Chief Sentinel, wrecking for 660.4 damage.

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The activity of mining is often the very first thing players in Eve Online try their hands on to earn money. Here is a comprehensive guide to follow from the first steps up to professionalism. Steam Community :: Guide :: Orca Support Guide (New) An updated Orca Support guide reflecting the new changes in fleet Boosting. I will show you the skills, some fits, the mindlinks, general information, some tips, and all around theory when it comes to using the orca either in High security Space, Or Nullsec. WGT Speed-Up Boost Ultra (4x) Speed-Up Boost Ultra (4x) The new Speed-Up Boosts will increase the speed of the ball display by 4.5 times. The ball physics will be exactly the same, just displayed more than four times as fast, which means you can play in a lot less time. Energized Boost Mk2 - Official Everspace Wiki

A collection of slang and acronyms as used by English-speaking groups in EVE Online. I want to stress that this is necessarily incomplete. There are literally thousands of terms unique to EVE Online, so this will only be a survey of the terms and abbreviations that seem the most common to me.

For those new to Eve some of the terminology can be a bit mind-boggling. Also there are plenty of abbreviations that make you go WTF? Logistics - UniWiki But in the EVE client, Logistics decribes remote assistance, and particularly:

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Electronic warfare - UniWiki And, importantly, most of the Caldari ECM ships listed above are not bonused for Burst Jammers, only for targeted ECM; the Scorpion is the only ship in EVE that receives a Burst Jammer bonus (to range). Odyssey - UniWiki EVE Online: Odyssey, released on the 4th of June 2013, is an expansion focusing on Exploration related aspects of EVE Online.

Hi, I just signed up for EVE about 20 minutes ago and I'm trying to figure the game out. Some of the instructions are really vague though. The Opportunity tutorial is asking me to equip a medium slot item and then a low slot item. What are these? How can I determine if an item has a slot? Edit! This has been a lot to absorb.

There is no limit on the number of skills an Eve Online player may have, but if you do not intend to use a skill, it merely takes up a slot in learned skills. A player should put off learning skills he does not absolutely need until he finishes learning the skills on his chart. In boost::signals, what is the difference between 'slot_type ... Towards the end of this tutorial for the boost::signals library, under the heading "Passing slots" a type called 'slot_type' is used to pass the desired slot function to be connected to the signal. But then, in the next example, they do apparently the same thing using a type called 'slot_function_type'. Jester's Trek: Guide: Implants and Jump Clones, Part 3 The speed of the subject Machariel with a full set of low grade Snakes, plus a low grade Snake Omega is 2020m/s. Adding a T2 Rapid Deployment Warfare Link, plus the Skirmish Warfare Mindlink on a Loki to the subject Machriel raises the Machariel's speed to 2636m/s, a 30% increase over the low grade Snakes alone, and a 51% increase to the ship's ...

But in the EVE client, Logistics decribes remote assistance, and particularly: Targeting - UniWiki In Eve, you need to target something in order to affect it (repair it, mine it, or attack it). This page discusses how targeting works, and what affects it, and what you can do to improve it.